A CPA is an accountant licensed by the state to practice as a public accountant. A CPA degree is obtained after a rigorous examination covering all areas of accounting: business law, tax, audit and financial accounting. Although there are tax preparers with the ability to file your return, depending on the complexity of your situation you may need an accountant. With that being said, it’s recommended that you hire an accountant to, especially when you are being audited - audits can be complex and, if not handled properly, you could end up in a bad way.

An accountant has the proper training to handle certain financial and legal aspects properly, interfering with the IRS on your behalf. Representation, depending on your situation, may be required in the form of a qualified person. An accountant can represent your case to the IRS, including audits and tax debt disputes. An offer in compromise will help if you have a tax debt you cannot pay. To learn more, continue reading.

You could negotiate an offer in compromise with the IRS, which allows you to pay a small amount on your debt. This is a complicated process that requires an accountant with experience and knowledge. If you have complicated tax issues it’s also important that you hire an accountant. Forms including capital, real estate and those containing unusual circumstances could profit from financial help.

A CPA can help you make the right decisions, whether it’s by choosing investment strategies or helping you reduce your taxes. They will work with you continuously and help you plan decisions that will reduce your taxes legally. He or she will handle the formation of a corporation, which generally requires knowledge and experience in corporate law. An accountant will help you determine the type of entity that will most benefit you.


Managing your business accounting will provide you with the necessary tools to keep your books in order. Note that having a corporation comes with much responsibility and specific knowledge of the laws governing corporations. If you are an employer, you also need to know your obligations. Preparing your company’s financial statements of your company is one way to ensure your business thrives for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about hiring a CPA, Discover More Here.